Learn the basics about wine; winemaking, varietals, how to taste wine and choose the perfect drop.

  • Wine knowledge

    Increase your enjoyment of wine by finding out more about vintage, winemaking, serving and cellaring, the history or wine.  see more

  • Wine and food

    Our online guide makes it easy for you to find the perfect drop to suit your budget, your tastes. Discover more about food and wine matching and wine and cheese.   see more

  • Wine tasting

    Our helpful tips will help you sample new wines, develop your interest and recognition of wine varieties, plus make exciting discoveries of new and different wine styles. Become a wine expert with our bluffers guide.   see more

  • Wine varietals

    From the crisp lingering acidity of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc to the soft and seductive flavours of ripe black cherries found in Otago Pinot Noir, here in New Zealand we are spoilt for choice and diversity in the huge range of quality wines available.  see more

  • Wine competitions

    Wine Shows and competitions have developed as a way for producers to bench-mark themselves against other wines and wineries, and they have added significantly to the increase in quality of wines. Discover how the competitions work, and how a wine becomes a gold medal winner.  see more