These fresh hop drops arrived in store on 6 May 2019 and we're sorry, they are pretty much sold out. Remember to look out for next year's New World Fresh Hop Festival instore in April / May 2020. Stay tuned…

Six iconic New Zealand breweries created limited edition Fresh Hop brews for New World customers. Fresh Hop beers are only made once a year using freshly picked hops. Fresh hops are potent but volatile, they are so delicate they need to be used within hours of picking. The secret to retaining the intense fresh hop flavour is keeping the final beer chilled.

These super-fresh beers made with super-fresh hops were rushed (safely) through New World’s specialist refrigerated transport system to every New World in New Zealand to reach you in peak condition. We love our transport team! 

Want to know more about Fresh Hops? Read more about why we love these "little flavourers".

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Behemoth So Fresh, So Mean - Fresh Hop Double IPA

440ml can, 8% ABV
Malt: Pale Ale, Vienna
Hops: Nelson Sauvin, Citra Pellets. Harvested 20 March 2019.

A whopping double IPA of 8 per cent which is dangerously easy to drink. Resinous, oily nature of the fresh hops blends with the rich alcohol to create an absolute juice bomb that has a lush mouthfeel and accents rich, sweet passionfruit, a lick of citrus with some dank undercurrents.

Garage Project

Garage Project
Chill Hop

440ml can, 6% ABV
Malt: Pale, Carapils, Wheat
Hops: Nelson Sauvin, Southern Cross. Harvested 18 March 2019 at 10am, frozen at 12pm, and freeze-dried.

There’s a real point of difference here with Garage Project using snap frozen fresh hops – a bit like what happens with peas! – to ensure maximum freshness. The result is a sweet, sensuous IPA coming at you in soft waves that almost resemble a dessert wine. Underlying bitterness is redolent of paprika and tobacco leaf.

Medal Winners

Liberty Invictus
Fresh Hop Pale Ale

440ml can, 6.8% ABV
Malt: Liberty Malt, New Zealand Oats
Hops: Nelson Sauvin and Riwaka. Harvested 18 March 2019.

Brewer Joe Wood calls this the best beer he’s made and it’s hard to argue. A showcase for the complexity of fresh hop flavours. There’s passionfruit and cigars on the nose, an almost perfect mouthfeel that delivers resinous hop oils but offsets them with tingling carbonation. Great length and broad oily bitterness.

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Sawmill Fresh Hopped White IPA

500ml bottle, 6.2% ABV
Malt: Gladfield American Ale, Wheat Malt, Harraway Rolled Oats
Hops: Kohatu, Fresh Nelson Sauvin Cones, Sauvin Pellets. Harvested 19 March 2019.

Super funky and a bit different. White IPA means it’s made with a Belgian yeast as well as some wheat and oats. Aromas of spiced fruit and bubblegum. Fresh-hopped with Nelson Sauvin, with its clear white wine characteristics perfectly complements the yeast to create a complex, fruity, spicy drop that finishes peppery dry.

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Parrotdog Tracey
Fresh Hop Hazy

440ml can, 5.5% ABV
Malt: Maris Otter, Wheat, Rolled Oats
Hops: Nelson Sauvin. Harvested 19 March 2019.

As a rule hazy IPA tends towards softer, gentler bitterness with the essential oils from the hops providing the flavour and aroma. Here the fresh hops have aromas of orange, grape – even winegums if you remember those lollies. The haze component delivers a creamy, rich mouthfeel and there’s subtle underlying grassy bitterness.

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Panhead Redlined Vines Brut IPA

500ml bottle, 8.2% ABV
Malt: Weyermann Premium Pilsner
Hops: Nelson Sauvin. Harvested 18 March 2019.

This Brut IPA is all about the delicate light body and bone dry finish. Pungent fresh hop notes on the nose give way to light, bright mouthfeel with just a hint of green hop resin to thicken the mid-palate followed by long, super-dry bitterness.

Want to know more about Fresh Hops? Read more about why we love these "little flavourers".