Pairing your cider with a well matched food can help bring out flavours in your drink, and lead to greater enjoyment.

Gabe Cook - The Ciderologist

The trick with food matching is to experiment and have a try.  It is down to personal preference and there are no rules.  To save your taste buds from a challenging assault, follow these 3 guiding principles to keep you on the path of successful matching:

1. Cut

Use a cider that cleanses the palate, or helps cut through richness.

2. Contrast

Use a cider that provides an entirely different sensation to that offered by the food to create a balanced spectrum of flavour.

3. Complement

Use a cider that accentuates similar flavours in the food to bring them to the fore.

The lovely people at the UK’s National Association of Cider Makers have created a handy graphic to get you started matching.

Take a look at The Ciderologist for more.

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