“We’ve asked the SEACLEANERS team to come on board and advise us on ways we can make an even greater contribution to protecting our beautiful country.

SEACLEANERS is an inspiring team with a powerful mission – to remove rubbish from our seas, harbours and oceans. Since 2002 their team of volunteers has removed 40 million pieces of rubbish from the waters around New Zealand. A great outcome – but shocking to know that so much rubbish is in our oceans.”

SEACLEANERS is delighted to support New World’s campaign to promote awareness about reducing the use of plastic bags with the BAGVOTE campaign. “Every day we see the effect of improper use and disposal of plastic bags in our waterways,” says Captain Hayden Smith, who was voted Local Hero 2017 and is recognised internationally for the work he and his team do to clean up our seas.


“When New World asked us to get on board and help promote awareness of BAGVOTE we were really happy to support them. We hope that New Zealanders make the simple change to using more cloth reusable bags, and accept a charge for plastic bags if they absolutely need one.”

For more information on the great work done by SEACLEANERS head to www.seacleaners.com.