New World says ‘Bags Not’ - it’s the way to go

At New World we’re committed to getting rid of single-use plastic bags as soon as possible, and to do this we’re making millions of long-life reusable bags available, expanding soft plastics recycling, and looking for sustainable alternatives for our customers. But, that’s the easy part – we also need to help change the habit of a lifetime!

That’s why we’re encouraging New Zealanders to say ‘Bags Not’ to single use plastic bags when they’re shopping, whether it’s for green beans or green jeans. Bags Not takes the challenge wider to other businesses, so we’re really excited about how the movement can help all kiwis to refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, and replace.

So why be part of Bags Not?

Many people just need a bit of a nudge to make a simple change in their behaviour.  As we all move toward a life without supermarket single use plastic bags we just need to remember to pack our reusables in our car, in a handbag, in a back pack or in a bicycle pannier. The Bags Not campaign will help make good habits click. New World is looking at the end of 2018 for Single-use Plastic Bags to be gone – and if we can go any earlier, we will.

What else are we doing?

We’re giving away millions of long-life reusable bags over the coming months, expanding soft plastics recycling, and we’re looking for alternatives for our customers.  Our North Island New World stores will continue to offer a 5 cent rebate to customers who use reusable bags and we’re also supporting the awesome work that Sea Cleaners does to pick up rubbish from our seas, harbours and oceans.

At New World we’re also looking at how we can remove all sorts of plastic and other waste from our business.  We’re reviewing products and packaging throughout the store – looking for ways to keep products safe and clean, while reducing our environmental footprint (and yours!).

Sea Cleaners and New World

Sea Cleaners is an inspiring organisation cleaning up our seas, harbours and oceans.  New World has made a significant donation to help fund their operations and now our customers can support the important work they do by making a donation at the checkout.

To donate to their work all you need to do is scan the special Sea Cleaners barcode at the checkout as many times as you want – each scan is a 10c donation to Sea Cleaners.  This will show up on your receipt.  

While plastic bags are one component of the waste Sea Cleaners collect, there are many more products which find their way into the water – including polystyrene, rubber tyres, bottles and foil packaging. 

They will spend proceeds from your donation (and ours) on cleaning up our sea, harbours and oceans.  We’re helping them fund their boats and teams and we’re also getting out on the water to help them ourselves.  You can see our awesome team from New World Remuera in action here.

The New World Remuera team with the Seacleaner team.

For more information on the Bags Not movement, visit